Your Marriage Doesn’t Have to End in Divorce.

Hello. I’m Rhonda Nelson 

I went from being on the brink of divorce to creating a beautiful, thriving life and marriage that I love – helping other Christian women do the same as a Christian Life Coach.

After 22 years of living a frustrated, miserable, and unhappy life I was ready for a divorce. Life for me was hard because there were so many hurts in my marriage:

  • The anxiety that came with living with an alcoholic husband
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Narcissistic tendencies
  • Codependency 

And the bitterness that filled me nearly ruined my life and marriage. I wanted to get out of the marriage for my sanity.  Divorce seemed to be the only way.

But thank God that He interrupted my path!

With the right help and Coaching support, I was able to change my marriage story. 

The good news? Since it’s based on proven strategies and not on me, it means that you can do it too!

How I Help You Win

1) Coaching



Grow in your knowledge of who God is and the quality of life He desires for you.

Woman Riding on White Horse


Design and live your fulfilling life of adventure.



Communicate effectively and build connectedness in your marriage.

2) Products to Support Your Progress

Gaining a Heart of Wisdom

90-Day Prayer Journal

This is a tool to help you become consistent in spending time with God daily so that you can grow in your understanding of Him and His love and desires for you – which includes a fulfilling marriage!

What Others Are Saying …

We have long talks about my marriage and the many things I need to work on. I have my own life issues and then with my husband. So I have learned how to calm down and listen to new ideas. I always feel so much better all day when she prays for me and my situation.

Kerri McCorkle

I’ve enjoyed working with Rhonda and will continue to work with her in the near future. As a faith-based Coach who focuses on Resilience living, I truly believe in order for me to grow spiritually and professionally it requires commitment staying committed with accountability and support. Rhonda has definitely been the right coach for me and for anyone that is serious about enhancing their marriage and relationship with God. Her practical tools made it easier for me to implement taking action with thoughtful prayer and reflection. With her support, I was able to refocus on aligning my actions with God’s divine guidance and instruction that birthed new creative ideas for me in my career, business, and leadership.

Lenita Cornett

Rhonda, you are a prayer warrior that encourages and strengthens others. You have taken an interest in helping me grow in my walk with Jesus by your loving words and actions that are biblically based. You have used scripture to help nurture my needs.

Theresa Anderson

Rhonda prays in a very positive fashion. Her faith guides her words, especially when she talks to God.

Penny Marrone

Ready to Change Your Marriage Story?

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